Mainz Market Breakfast

We knew we wanted to travel as much as possible while living here in Germany. First stop on our list was the nearby city of Mainz – only 10 minutes from Wiesbaden by train and the perfect place for a day trip.

On Saturdays they host something called the Market Breakfast. Think farmers market, wine tour and tailgate all in one.

We walked out of the Mainz train station and meandered through cobblestone streets filled with fresh produce, local cheese and historic buildings.

The sound of clinking glasses filled the air and knew we were in the right place. People all around us were laughing, eating and drinking – without a care in the world.

We quickly ordered glasses of Riesling (which, btw, is way better than at home) and joined in on the festivities.

After enjoying our first Market Breakfast, we walked through town and stumbled across the Rhine River. Of course we had to have our very own Reagles on the Rhine photoshoot. It truly was the perfect Fall day.

Check back soon for more highlights from our recent travels!


The Reagles

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