Reagles on the Wine

Wine has not always been our drink of choice but that quickly changed in recent years. We’re not quite to sommelier status yet but we like to think we know our way around a good bottle of wine.

Let me start by sharing how we got from boxes to barrels.

Erica’s Journey Into Vino

It took me a while to develop a palette for wine. I didn’t understand how a liquid could be considered ‘dry’. My first drink of choice was, sadly to admit, Burnett’s. I then progressed to something fruity and predictable like cranberry vodka with a splash of sprite. Beer was never on my go-to list. I occasionally drank Blue Moon or Soft Parade, but never got into domestic beer except for one time in college when that was the only available beverage at a party so my friends and I pretended like it was water in a desert.

Sometime in college, I slowly started drinking white wine…Pinot Grigio from Italy or Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. I also hopped on the RosΓ© bandwagon, gravitating towards the crisp variety from Provence. My first venture into red wine was 19 Crimes Red Blend, a birthday gift I received when I turned 20something. From that day on, red wine has always been my go-to drink.

Ryan’s Journey Into Vino

Ryan’s love for wine took even longer to develop. His favorite alcoholic beverage was always beer…the standard frat boy staple. Ryan was just as happy chugging Coors out of a Keg or sampling new craft brews.

It was during our honeymoon in Italy when Ryan discovered his appreciation for fine wine, especially Italian reds. We were introduced to Brunello at a villa in Tuscany and haven’t looked back since. We enjoyed two bottles in one night and woke up the next morning with no hangovers in sight. Red wine quickly moved to the top of Ryan’s drink list too.

A New Series Featuring Wine

Italy was just the beginning. We’ve since participated in wine tastings all throughout Europe, and are becoming more knowledgeable with every glass. We’re so excited to share our love of wine with you on our new series: Reagles on the Wine. We’ll cover everything including our favorite wines from around the world, tasty food & wine pairings, our top picks for wine glasses, and the perfect blends for every occasion. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see Ryan’s debut on the blog in video form. πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned for more wine-related coverage soon.

The Reagles

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