Our Northern Michigan Fairytale Wedding

Our Northern Michigan Fairytale Wedding

Celebrating Our 1st Anniversary

Today marks 365 days of wedded bliss. It feels like just yesterday we were saying “I Do” surrounded by loved ones. This first year of marriage was full of excitement and new adventures. We celebrated our honeymoon in Italy, lived abroad in Germany, and visited 10 different countries together. We also learned how to adapt to life in quarantine…and got super comfortable spending 24/7 together. I can’t believe a full year has gone by already!

Once Upon A Time…

We got married on June 1, 2019 in our happy place, Charlevoix, MI. Ryan has been visiting Charlevoix since he was little and it quickly became a favorite weekend getaway spot for us. Ryan proposed in our other happy place, Disney World, so it’s only fitting that our wedding reception took place in a castle…Castle Farms. I wore a princess ballgown, sparkly heels that would make Cinderella jealous, an elegant cathedral veil and the necklace that my Nonie wore on her wedding day.

We had so much fun planning our wedding and adding special touches like homemade coasters featuring our own Charlevoix photos, a vintage key place card display, and Tinder photo booth propโ€ฆtaking us back to where it all started. Velvet and sequin linens complemented the Castle’s stone walls and farm tables lined with greenery and gold candlesticks added a warm glow to the room. We danced the night away and said farewell to guests with a final dance to โ€œKings & Queensโ€ by Mat Kearney. Our romantic fairytale wedding was absolutely perfect and we wish we could relive this special day over and over again.

Cheers to our first year of happily ever after…we can’t wait to add another chapter to this fairytale!

The Reagles

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Our First Month Abroad

Our First Month Abroad

“Welcome to Germany.”

This is what a stranger told me when I asked for help at the Frankfurt train station and couldn’t use Google to find the answer because I didn’t have WiFi…

I never realized how much we millennials depend on our phones, until living in a foreign country with no WiFi. There are just some things we need modern technology for…like finding your way around a new city and posting Insta stories to document your whole life. Sometimes I even find myself scrolling aimlessly through my newsfeed only for Ryan to remind me that I don’t have WiFi. Imagine going a full day without Facebook stalking!

We’ve hit the one month mark of living abroad and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what’s different about living here in Germany.

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