8 Things We Miss About Living in Wiesbaden

8 Things We Miss About Living in Wiesbaden

We’ve officially been back to Michigan for five months…the same amount of time we lived in Germany. They say time flies when you’re having fun. Apparently time also flies when you’re living during a global pandemic. Not too long ago we were sipping glΓΌhwein at German Christmas markets and now we’re back home enjoying summer in Michigan.

Here are 8 things we miss about Wiesbaden:

1. The Charming Downtown Area

Wiesbaden is such a lovely city. It has a welcoming ambiance that made us feel at home almost instantly. One of our favorite parts of living abroad was taking the 20-minute walk downtown to stroll through the city, discover the local sights and sounds, and enjoy delicious food and drinks. Wiesbaden has the charm of a traditional German town with the liveliness of a larger city.

2. Traveling to New Places

Traveling has always been one of our favorite things to do. It was a surreal feeling to be able to hop on a train and travel almost anywhere in Europe. Our travels included spontaneous day trips to new cities as well as week-long adventures through multiple countries. We got to visit so many new places while living abroad…some that we had never even heard of before. Our favorite places included Ljubljana, Slovenia, Zagreb, Croatia, and Lucerne, Switzerland. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to explore so much of Europe before the border closed.

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Returning to the U.S. During a Global Pandemic

Returning to the U.S. During a Global Pandemic

The morning after celebrating my 21st birthday, my friends asked me how I was feeling. Slightly weird.

That’s exactly how I feel right now.

I’m currently unemployed without a house or car to call my own.

I knew moving back to Michigan after living in Germany would take some getting used to but I was not prepared for this. No one was.

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Our First Month Abroad

Our First Month Abroad

“Welcome to Germany.”

This is what a stranger told me when I asked for help at the Frankfurt train station and couldn’t use Google to find the answer because I didn’t have WiFi…

I never realized how much we millennials depend on our phones, until living in a foreign country with no WiFi. There are just some things we need modern technology for…like finding your way around a new city and posting Insta stories to document your whole life. Sometimes I even find myself scrolling aimlessly through my newsfeed only for Ryan to remind me that I don’t have WiFi. Imagine going a full day without Facebook stalking!

We’ve hit the one month mark of living abroad and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what’s different about living here in Germany.

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