Returning to the U.S. During a Global Pandemic

Returning to the U.S. During a Global Pandemic

The morning after celebrating my 21st birthday, my friends asked me how I was feeling. Slightly weird.

That’s exactly how I feel right now.

I’m currently unemployed without a house or car to call my own.

I knew moving back to Michigan after living in Germany would take some getting used to but I was not prepared for this. No one was.

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Getting Here.

Getting Here.

Moving to Germany had always been on our radar since Ryan’s job brought him here for the first time.

When we got the official approval, it was time to – as we like to say – spring into action.

We shared the exciting news with our family and friends, collected all of the required paperwork, met with the German Consulate in Chicago, found a flat, updated my passport with my new married name (called in a panic to change to expedited processing), booked our flights.

All was going according to plan – until it was two weeks, one week, one day before our scheduled flight – and still no Visas (or passports…they take those when you apply for the Visa). By this point, I was in absolute panic mode. Our flights were already booked, first month’s rent already paid – what were we going to do?

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