Welcome to Reagles in Reality (formerly known as Reagles on the Rhine).

After spending five months living in Wiesbaden, Germany, it was time for us to come back to reality…aka Michigan.

We’re so glad you’re continuing this exciting life journey with us.

I’m Erica – the Type A planner who keeps this family on schedule, isn’t afraid to speak up, is a comedian without even trying and is prone to freak outs for no reason at all.

Ryan is my husband and better half. He can make everyone smile at the drop of a hat and his laugh is truly contagious. Ryan is the definition of easy going and always reminds me that yes, everything will work out – even if it’s not exactly to plan. 

We’ll be sharing our stories of life, love, and travel with all of you.

Follow along as we purchase our first home together, taste wine all over the world, share our favorite recipes, and navigate the new WFH lifestyle.

We hope you laugh a lot and learn a thing or two from our experiences.


The Reagles